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About Elite Fuel Service

Elite Fuel Service is a fuel oil and propane gas delivery company, along with a full service department. We are a Christian based company and strive to live by the Golden Rule in everything we do and say. At Elite, we place a high value on customer loyalty, and we do our very best to provide high quality products and services at fair and affordable prices.

Elite Fuel Service was founded by Curvin Swartzentruber and his family in November of 2001. Aided by his wife Susan, Curvin began Elite Fuel Service from his home. Curvin delivered the fuel oil, and Susan managed the phone calls and received the orders. Word spread quickly of this new company, and Elite Fuel Service began to grow rapidly.

In January of 2002, Curvin hired his first employee – a secretary. In December of 2002 he hired his first oil truck driver. In September of 2003 the first service technician was hired and thus, our full service department was born. Since then, we have never looked back.

Curvin’s background in business management and extensive experience in oil delivery services was a great benefit and a factor in starting a successful business. His high level of integrity and cheerful, upbeat personality made it easy to attract and retain many new customers.

Curvin founded Elite Fuel Service with the purpose of providing better customer service for the many oil consumers in Berks County. We believe our success hinges directly on providing a high quality product along with superior customer service.

We treat our customers the same way that we would like to be treated. This is done with a positive, upbeat, and team-oriented work environment. We understand that a positive spirit brings happiness, and happy employees provide better customer service - and everyone wins.

Elite customer service continues to be our primary goal as we continue to grow... and we look forward to providing the best oil and propane delivery and service in Berks County.