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How The Budget Plan Works

Monthly statements

  • Each month, you will receive a monthly Budget Statement that will be due upon receipt. It will indicate your regular monthly payment as well as any other charges covered by your Budget Plan. In addition, the statement will keep you informed of your actual account balance throughout the year.


  • Upon each delivery, we will leave a delivery receipt at the property showing you the total gallons and price per gallon charged on each delivery, unless you make other payment arrangements with us.


  • Mid-season, we review your account to make sure your monthly budget payment will cover you for the remainder of the season. This will prevent you from having a large debit or credit balance at the end of the Budget Season. The object of the budget plan is to break out almost even at the end of the season.

Final Statement

  • Your final Budget Statement (# 12) will be a settlement month, when we will ask you for the remaining balance to close out the year. This will represent the difference between what you actually used and what you have paid for, so far. If there is any credit balance left on your account, it will be rolled over into the next budget season.


The convenient way to Pay for your home heating oil


  • The Budget Plan is the best way to pay your fuel bills. It gives you peace of mind and the freedom of knowing what your monthly payment will be, which allows you to spread your annual heating costs over the course of 12 months.

Budget Season:

  • The “Budget Season” begins June 1st of each year and runs for a full 12 months. At the end of your budget season, you will be automatically renewed into the next budget season. Uninterrupted coverage made simple!

Budget Payment Calculations:

  • Each year, we determine your average monthly payment based on our average price per gallon of fuel, times your estimated annual consumption divided by twelve. To help make sure your plan stays on track, we will review your account halfway through the season and adjust your monthly payment, if necessary.

Annual Service Plan:

  • Choose our Annual Service Plan and we can incorporate the cost into your budget plan. This allows you to pay for the service plan in payments, rather than in full.

Mid-Season Budget:

  • We have the ability to pro-rate a monthly budget for you, if you start mid-season. Again, a monthly budget plan will give you the flexibility to make an equal monthly payment, rather than paying your fuel bills in full after every delivery.

Getting Started:

  • First, complete a credit application. Once you are credit approved, we can discuss what your estimated monthly budget payment will be based on your estimated yearly usage. We simply add a budget plan to your account and send you your monthly budget statement.