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All of our propane is HD5 Grade Propane (90% pure propane). We are one of the few remaining family owned companies in Berks County who offer full service.  We install tanks, gas lines, heating systems, as well as propane delivery.

To get started with us, you either need to own your own tank...or you can rent a tank from us.

Purchase A Tank

Owning your own propane tank has some pros and cons. The pros are - you are in full control of buying propane whereever you wish. The cons are, you are responsible for maintaining the tank, keeping it painted, and perhaps the biggest one...the upfront investment to buy your own tank is significantly more than just renting a tank.

Rent A Tank

First, understand that there is no such thing as a free tank. The idea of a free tank may sound nice, but it is normally just a clever way to get you started. Don't fall for it. Look for a plan that is easy to understand and makes sense. If you don't own your own tank, then renting a tank is the easiest and most affordable way to get started with us. Whether you need a big tank to supply propane to heat your whole house, or if you just need a small tank for a cooking stove, or fireplace...we have competitive rental plans available for any tank size.

Fair Pricing

We do NOT charge extra for propane when you rent a tank from us. Instead, we charge a flat rental fee per year (simple & fair)...that way you know exactly how much you're paying for the rental (so you can prepare for it).  Otherwise, you end up paying an high price for propane, and getting hit with a big unexpected bill for propane to compensate for the tank rental.  We think it makes more sense to charge an annual rental fee, rather than charging more for propane...and our customers like it this way.  

Propane Tanks We Keep In Stock

  • 120 gal. tank (commonly used for small things such as fireplace, cooking stove, clothes dryer, or similar)
  • 325 gal. tank (most commonly used for standby generators)
  • 500 gal. tank (most commonly used for home heating)
  • 1,000 gal. tank (used for home heating, farm grain dryers, large commecial buildings, or similar)
Call us for prices or to discuss the best option for your setup.

We will also provide free estimates to install undergroup propane tanks....or install brand new tank/line setups.

Facts To Know

  • Propane tanks can only be filled to 80% capacity. (so 120 gal. tank will only hold 100 gals. of propane)
  • Propane expands and contracts according to the outdoor temperature.
  • 120 gallon tanks may be setup right beside your home (with a few other requirements).
  • Larger tanks must be set at least 10 ft or 25 ft. away from the house.
  • Our tanks are ASME certified, which means they are certified for life. (DOT tanks are not)
  • Our tanks have a dome lid with a gauge inside to read the tank level.
  • Propane is dangerous, you should always have a trained professional install a tank.
  • Safety is our #1 priority, our techs are trained to follow NFPA codes & requirements to ensure the safety for you & your family. 

More questions...please call us: 610-916-0237

Since prices are always changing, please click here to visit our news blog, or call us for current prices: 610-916-0237