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Propane Facts To Know

  • Propane tanks can only be filled to 80% capacity. (so a 120 gal. tank will only hold 100 gals. of propane)
  • Propane expands and contracts according to the outdoor temperature.
  • 120 gallon tank(s) may be setup right beside a home/building, with up to 4 connected together.
  • Larger tanks (more than 120 gal.s) must be set at least 10 ft or 25 ft. away from the house.
  • Our tanks are ASME certified, which means they are certified for life. (DOT tanks are not)
  • Our tanks have a dome lid with a gauge inside to read the tank level.
  • Propane is dangerous, you should always have a trained professional install a tank.
  • Safety is our #1 priority, our techs are trained to follow NFPA codes & requirements to ensure the safety for you & your family. 

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